20 part 2.

Okay so evening came and here we goDSC_9693 DSC_9696We all met up close to the water where Alice lives. Lina got some gifts and was wearing a new dress from H&M ye.DSC_9697Alice and Axel DSC_9702 DSC_9699Also these two thodies, that very recently turned adultos, joined us as wellDSC_9704 DSC_9707 DSC_9705Probably the finest acne shirt there is atm.DSC_9708 DSC_9711 DSC_9709The rest of the best. You may think the theme for this might was blackDSC_9712 DSC_9713Emelie and Ida was talking stories and luve and other thingsDSC_9719I was wearing white polo dress from Melbourne and my mocha from Levis!DSC_9720DSC_9725 DSC_9735 DSC_9734We went to a restaurant nearby to have sushi and to please Lina with Gin&TonicsDSC_9736This was the food, probably best sushi in Stockholm @ Tezukuri SushiDSC_9742 DSC_9738We also got a lot of sunDSC_9746My queen held a minor speech DSC_9751 DSC_9752Her and I and some others are going to live out on the countryside for a bit in july. I can’t waitDSC_9748Max and Charlie and LinaDSC_9755 DSC_9756Beauties next to me. We got a challenge where we had to come up with ”missions” to complete for the nightDSC_9759 DSC_9767 DSC_9763Emelie&SaraDSC_9768 DSC_9771 DSC_9770She’s got the hair I will have in 20 years if I start saving properly about nowDSC_9777 DSC_9774After all of that we had some more cava and went into town to celebrate further. And that was the 29th of june 2015


20 part 1.

DSC_9667This monday was nothing but insane. It was my best mate linas 20th birthdayDSC_9620 DSC_9622 DSC_9621For a starter, we made a lunch for her out in the green and brought all the best of drinks and serpentinerDSC_9624 DSC_9626 DSC_9625Emelie and I was there at firstDSC_9629 DSC_9630 DSC_9632We found a perfect spot by the water and put up things in the tree above usDSC_9651 DSC_9654 DSC_9652After that Emelie went to kidnap Lina and get her over thereDSC_9638DSC_9639DSC_9640So I got some time, about an hour actually, alone in the woods photographing and sleeping under the table. It got boringDSC_9665 DSC_9664 DSC_9662But when she came back and brought Agnes with her as well everything was alright. Cava was popped from the basket.DSC_9634We also picked some flowersDSC_9669 DSC_9670It almost started to rainDSC_9674bbyDSC_9687 DSC_9685 DSC_9689After that we made summer plans and got all the stuff back in the car since we had to get lina to Systembolaget (only place in sweden where one can buy alcohol and you have to be 20 fun fact)

2 be continued.


Call me Vaga.

linfröCouldn’t help myself from posting this one check out this flawless babe and them shoes from Vagabond.


The MtV sweet 18.

A very fine person of mine turned 18 today, and yesterday evening we fixed up the rooftop and had a party theretypthere was balloons and a simon and I made him whiskey sours! Fekke means fiesta if anyone wonder.typ2Done dusted after 4 hours typ4The sun was up all night and the sky was blu and we had sunnies and caps. typ5It all begun around 8pmtyp6The one and only shot I got of the birthday babi once time turned 00.00 and we sang swedish songs for her. After that we took a quick cab to town and danced away

yiha night

23:17 - 2015-06-28

Things I like or luv.

Things I like atm:


When Piper Chapman from OITNB says ”I’m like American Apparel, with less implied statutory rape”. Watch the clip here. source to picture

Svd has a story web that brings up important perspectives of the world. All one needs is a log in.

That Hubpages posts this article about 9 types of dreams and what they actually mean.


The teen magazine Rookie that is edited and created by Tavi Gevinsson. source to picture

Veckorevyns article about what swedish celebrities would act the different characters of Game of Thrones.

The travels of july.

After spending almost a year on the other side of the planet, being back in Europe really makes me appreciate everything about the culture here. Therefore, in the end of july, I’ve been planning a little trip through some of my favorite cities and spots, and I guess it will look a bit like this:eur3I will start of with going to Amsterdam with a bunch of people to explore some colorful houses and canals. I always think of my mother talking about Amsterdam and about how much she wanted me to visit the city with her when I was a kid. I never understood why until I got there the first time during an inter rail through Europe in 2011.eur5eur8One of the things I love about Amsterdam is that it is the most bike friendly town. You can bike around the cobbled streets for hours just looking at the parks and the small houses and the big houses and the water. And there will be bridges, those small ones that are not to heavy to bike over but that still feels like an accomplishment u know. eur6There is also a kind of market culture going on in Amsterdam, mainly from what I’ve read. As you might know, there is nothing better than a huge outdoor market on a sunday morning.

euro000From Amsterdam we will be taking the train to Berlin. Here is a map with some travel times between different popular cities in Europe. It’s takes about 6 hours to travel from Amsterdam to Berlin for example. Frind mrs inter rail info and source to map here.ber

I find it crazy that Berlin has grown and gone famous under the name the capital of Europe but I guess there is some kind of reason to that. I will be having about 4 days in the city and there is way too many cafés and pubs and aras and people that I wanna visit before leaving this time.

ber4Cassiopeia Cafe, a bar that formerly was an old railway station that’s now been re-purposed. It has huge rock climbing wall, spacious beer garden, multiple bars, a food stand and often a DJ playing.ber8

Prenzlauerberg area.ber9

Prinzessinnengarten in Kreuzberg also looks crazy.par

After Berlin there will be one spontaneous train ride to some city located in the direction of Prague, and what city that may be is still uncertain. After spending five days in that uncertainness I will get myself, somehow, to Paris. I am meeting up with Ida and a couple of australian people to have red wine and croissants and live in some sort of cliché on the streets of Marais. par4Hopefully we can spend the nights on an outdoor café or something without getting bankrupt or anything. There is a price to pay to be living the dream of baguettes and stuff.par2But just looking through some of the museums and the opera is free.par6We have also decided on finding some stories. Get lost in a shop like Shakespeare and Company.

I am also, however looking for some more inspiration for these cities and if someone out there knows about a hidden place that will change ze life please hand them over to me.

Source to Amsterdam pictures.

Source to Berlin pictures.

Source to Paris pictures.

She´s mad but she´s magic.

some pics I picked out as the best of the week in 70s style.walla2 walla3 walla4 walla6 walla10 walla11 walla14source.

Thursday morning.

Bild 2015-06-25 kl. 16.47 #3 Bild 2015-06-25 kl. 16.48 #4 Bild 2015-06-25 kl. 16.48 #6 Bild 2015-06-25 kl. 16.48 Bild 2015-06-25 kl. 16.49 #2 2 Bild 2015-06-25 kl. 16.49

Today I wear jumpsuit from Minkpink and a t-shirt from Monki.

Mångata – the glimmering, road like reflection the moon creates on water.

here comes photos from a party in a garden.DSC_9573 DSC_9574 DSC_9575everyone was dressed in white, except for majDSC_9576 DSC_9577the house was from 1929, and so was the restDSC_9579 DSC_9580 DSC_9581time was 6 or 7 and we were on a blanket in the grassDSC_9582 DSC_9585 DSC_9588 DSC_9590 DSC_9591vagabond seemed to be a trend DSC_9592 DSC_9593 DSC_9595 DSC_9596for the ones that were tided there was a garden bedDSC_9598 DSC_9599or champagneDSC_9600 DSC_9601 DSC_9603Alice.DSC_9604 DSC_9606 DSC_9608DSC_9613 DSC_9614

Rice rollin.

I wanted some picknik to eat outside yesterday, so me and ida decided on making rice paper rolls.roll5all you need is rice paper, cucumber, carrot, avocado, pea shoots and peppersroll3you make a bowl of hot water (not too hot so you won’t burn any fingers) and put one rice paper in there at a time.rollonce the rice paper is wet and has gone soft (takes like 20 seconds), lift it out and put it on a plate. fill it with the greens from heavennroll4 roll2after that you wrap it all inside like a taco.

Make a dip out of sweet chili, soy sauce and sesame seeds and you got yourself a vegan+gluten free meal and it’s so frekkin good I swear