In all the weather outfits.

ohyeso it’s incredibly windy today in this town and I can’t even leave the house because the elevator doors won’t close because of the wind and I’m a bit to lazy to walk down 10 stairs only to have a coffee and walk back up again hehe. therefore, I’m using this valuable time to pack my bags for melbourne. here comes four different outfitz that is possible to wear in different weathers and temperaturesfinimagemy white dot playsuit that one can wear with a basic long sleeve under it. I only had a black one but I recon white would look as lovely if not even betterfin2 fin3  second one is also possible to wear both in cold and hot weather. my new jeans skirt from Top Shop and a long sleeve cropped top! also I luv it with the white vagabond shoes. great outfit with balk or white stockings as well, end with a bomber jacket or similar <3 fin4 fin5 fin6  and here is  my new skirt that I bought in the blue mountains. I wear it with a striped black n white top and a blue velvet jacketfin7imageimageand finally, my sparkly dress that I yet haven’t worn. also a blue mountain bargin that I wear with boots and scissors


A year ago.

I always think about what’s been when easter or spring comes, and for me right now, it feels like both. spring in stockholm and windy autumn in newcastle. I looked back to see what I did at this time a year ago. jies what can happen over 12 monthsårme and jonis were having breakfast on my balcony looking over stockholm and the sky was blueår2 år3so I saw the movie blue is the warmest color for the first time and fell in love. everybody watch it år4I went to a little birthday celebration at my brothers and we had incredible food with cute notesår5in the afternoon and evenings I sent my time with these fellas on the rooftop, having potato salad and bbqår6me, ida and lina road tripped to a café to have sandwiches and to talk about love and blogging and approval år10ida found a new hair and we had coffees at Copacabana (that no longer exists!! my nr 1 stockholm cafe is gone and I’m forever broken)år11 år13me and eric went to Parí!år67and there was an awesome themed secret artist rap night at the southern theater in stockholm. me hanna and alice wentår90åriwe had cakes and tea on pink tables at vurma while discussing internet dating for three hours I rememberår1234also, I got to hang out with these people on emelies balcony. we even made food that we haven´t had since we were kids!åretI bought my most worn jumpsuit årewand me ida david melker and adam had wine after maths lessons by the water at le petite france <3 jihaår123I was wearing this most of the time. dr denim, plastic fur from H&M and Dr Martens in green årewwwe also went to themed student partes. this one was emelies and it was themed ”birds”årrlets see what happens the next coming 12 months,

I’ll start it off with a coffee and the Herald on the other side of the street


Wednesday I’m in Melbourne.

DSC_6266on wednesday it’s finally time to go back to melbourne again. last time we only spent 30 hours there and I loved it so much so I promised myself to go back as soon as possible. 6 am in the morning we’ll be flying so that we can make it for brekki in fitzroy or somewhere else nice. we don’t really have a plan I just wanna coffee cruise and dance on the streets and meet other people who wanna do the same.

here are some photos from pinterest that makes me even more excited to gokafe kafe2 kafe3 kafe5 kafe6 kafe7source.


Blue mountains, part 2.

finally I’m done editing all of the photos we took in Katoomba and the mountains. IMG_7984-2we had two days left.IMG_7787 IMG_7775 IMG_7769we continued bushwalking searching for waterfallsIMG_7791 IMG_7797 IMG_7792every now and then, we bumped into breathtaking views and some brick bridgesIMG_7799 IMG_7806we also hid in the bush for a bit, because jess’ head looked a bit like a flowerIMG_7807 IMG_7815 IMG_7812 IMG_7810after about two hours of walking, we reached katoomba falls and a bench. sat down and had some chocolate and talked about everything we’d seen IMG_7827next morning we went up at 5.30 to go for a morning swim. jess’ dad drove us a bit outside town to a place I can’t remember the name of. jess said there was another waterfall there, where we could jump in.IMG_7839IMG_7849 IMG_7841first we went up to a point where you could spot the waterfall from aboveIMG_7865IMG_8022 IMG_8037once going down to the falls, we found a rock pool in the middle of itIMG_7991-3IMG_7990-2so we went inIMG_7965 IMG_7966it was freezing cold I’ll tell yaIMG_7970 IMG_7971 IMG_7972but once you couldn’t feel your body anymore it was alrightIMG_7980 IMG_7981 IMG_7982IMG_7882IMG_7875the sun had fully risen when we needed to get dry so we sat down and waited for a while. tourists came and wondered why we were sitting half naked in the middle of the bush and we didn’t really know what to sayIMG_8039 IMG_8042the signs said that the charles darwin walk would lead us back to the cityIMG_8049 IMG_8050this was so far my favorite walk because it was filled with cute little wooden paths and bridges and riversIMG_8058 IMG_8065 IMG_8063it was a bit longer then we had expected though, and took us 1,5 hours to walk. we were pretty hungry once we got to the cafésIMG_8077IMG_8084time was only 12.30 when we got back to the house which was unreal since I felt like I had lived my entire life that morning. anyway we were super tired from waking up early and after the waterfall dip so we stayed at home for a whileIMG_8081 IMG_8079jess showed me her dads studio and promised to teach me a bit about paintingIMG_8076dreamy roomIMG_8093IMG_8085 IMG_8089 IMG_8090we painted a bit outside where we could find a good light. after that we got even more tired and went back to bed to watch tv-seriesIMG_8092 IMG_8091ida filled up the diary and read ”Thinking fast and slow” which is a book filled with theories about the brain and all of the things and systems we have troubles understandingIMG_8094 IMG_8095that night I made creamy mushroom pasta with asparagus and zucchini IMG_8103 IMG_8104jess also found malibou, coconut cream and some pineapple juice and made us pina coladas. dunno where the luck came fromIMG_8107 IMG_8110we spent the night on the veranda, mainly discussing sweden in comparison to australia. we discussed the aboriginal culture and history and jess told us more about the segregation and racism ongoing in this country. once I’ve gained enough information and knowledge about this area, I will try my best to make a proper post about it. it’s a fascinating and scary story that everybody, a specially in australia should be aware of.

and that was the end of the blue mountains. once again, we went up early next morning to catch the train back to newi. made a quick stop in sydney on the way to go to an arts exhibition by brett whitely but I will tell more about that later.


The blue mountains, part 1.

IMG_7739we just came home from the blue mountains. it’s a little hidden paradise located in the mountains 5 h outside newcastle. I really needed to get away for a while so ida, me and jess went to stay at jesses dad. I will tell you the storyIMG_7398 IMG_7404 IMG_7401we went early on tuesday morning, and stopped over in sydney for a coffeeIMG_7410 IMG_7412 IMG_7411once we arrived in Katoomba, which is one of the towns of blue mountains, jess’ dad picked us up at the train station and took us to hes little house. it was beautiful in there and we started making curryIMG_7418IMG_7428 IMG_7424 IMG_7420jess reached me and ida how to make a green curry on coconut milk. she went to india some time ago and learned how to make them properly IMG_7432 IMG_7436 IMG_7433we woke up 05.45 the next morning to see the sunset. there is a pink light that always appears there in the mornings before the sun reveals the rest of the mountains and I wanted to see it. I haven’t been up that early for about 6 months but we managed to survive with coffeeIMG_7446IMG_7448IMG_7450jess and morningIMG_7464 IMG_7468 IMG_7467after that we went back to bed to cuddle and watch the first season of weeds. jess and ida got addicted after that which resulted in a lot of time alone with a guitar on the veranda.IMG_7469IMG_7476IMG_7474two hours later we hit the road for some adventures such as brunch and bush walkesIMG_7484 IMG_7485IMG_7489there was a bit of a walk to reach Katoomba from jess’ house but we didn’t mindIMG_7494 IMG_7491we found a tree with the same hair color as meIMG_7497 IMG_7502 IMG_7499on our way we passed all of these beautiful cottages and houses that were all unique and in different colorsIMG_7504 IMG_7509IMG_7510jess took us to her favorite cafe in the world. it was called the yellow deli and I would recommend it to anyone thats ever going to the blue mountains and to katoomba. the cafe is owned and ruled by a community of about 48 people, living together in a big house nearby. they grow almost everything they serve at their farm and then they make money to share and live out from the cafe. IMG_7511 IMG_7513 IMG_7512literately felt like Hogwarts IMG_7514 IMG_7516 IMG_7521we had eggs and veggies and bread and then we painted for a bitIMG_7526the tattoo I want to make. agnes designed it for me and it makes me think of her and other important thingsIMG_7531 IMG_7533we even got an invitation to visit the farm of the community! apparently they have ringdans and dinner every friday from 7pm where one with an invite can visitIMG_7544IMG_7546 IMG_7549we moved on when we were full enough to go and check out some of the little stores nearbyIMG_7552we found the vintage and went wild which was the exact thing I promised myself not to doIMG_7559 IMG_7561 IMG_7566after that we went to a park with red leaves. it was one of those magic ones where you could sit down and read for hoursIMG_7572 IMG_7583me and my new muse t-shirt (that I managed to forget at jess’ dads house :( but was fun for one day)IMG_7595IMG_7613 IMG_7615ida started braiding. it it crazy how good she’s become during all the braiding she’s been doing in australia. IMG_7617resultIMG_7632IMG_7639 IMG_7641I was also wearing new balance shoes and my 5 dollar-jeans that I got at red crossIMG_7652 IMG_7658 IMG_7655on the way from katoomba to the three sisters, which is three big famous rocks, there is a place to have hot chocolate. you get to heat up the milk yourself with a candle and then put in chocolate drops that melts. yummoIMG_7662 IMG_7664 IMG_7676after that we went to see the three sisters, which is also the biggest tourist attraction of the blue mountainsIMG_7694according to the story and to jess’ dad, they are called the three sisters because they were once three women that one man wanted to marry, but once they rejected him he turned them into stones so that none else could marry them either. well world hasn’t changed much since has itIMG_7697 IMG_7707 IMG_7699took some tourist photos yesIMG_7718 IMG_7715I could have stood there for days. every time you looked out there was something new to picture IMG_7743and I will tell you the rest of the story tonight

Free popcorn this way.

imageyesterday morning ida and I woke up and got ready to drive for a couple of hours outside town were we would spend the night bar tending. I really felt like getting outside town and we haven’t seen the countryside in ages imagethe party was themes cirkus and therefore I looked like a combo of a fish and lady gagaimagewe stopped on the way to have lunch and a breezeimagewe arrived to the party. people were wearing sparkles and rainbow colors and there was kids everywhere wellwe found our bunk room and got ready. for a while I felt like I was a kid on camp imagefrom 4 till late we served reds and whites and sparkling and cocktails and juices form a tiny table that was surrounded by people and dogs and other animalswell2 the most important job was prob to pack the candyimageI had a tiny bit of hope that 40 year old people would stop partying after 12 sometime since we wanted to sleep in the bunk beds and get up early for adventures but no. they kept goinimagewe danced the night away thought so it was alright in the endimagewoke up like this today and got scared. ida and I drove back and had coffee on the road.

There’s a cirkus.

imagewoke up close to these people in our tiny bed. we attended a 21st yesterday and the night was hilarious and weird and very long. now, me and ida are getting in a car to drive two hours outside newcastle. all night we’re gonna be bar tending at a 40th themed cirkus. I am very excited at the same time as I’m scared. we got 30 mins to figure out what to wear and the wardrobe is messy. at the same time, this coffee tastes amazing and the day is just about to start and the sky is blue and there is an ocean next to us that we might be able to reach for a swim just before taking of.

wish these gals luck.

If you ever see a horse, please catch it for me.

IMG_7386-2hey. chuck got home today from a festival so him me and ida had brekki together and then we went out in the sun to find us some friendsIMG_7222-2on the 8th floor, we met up with felix who joined our little walkIMG_7231-2 IMG_7233-2we decided to go to a little hole-in-the-wall-cafe that we’ve spotted some times before but never tried. they made bryggkaffe thereIMG_7234-2 IMG_7235-2all of a sudden, jono and jess showed up. it was weird and greatIMG_7238-2IMG_7241-2I had no idea, but the hole in the wall was hiding a little room filled with furniture and drawings on the wallsIMG_7249-2 IMG_7250-2looked like thisIMG_7253-2IMG_7244-2the only weird thing about the bryggkaffe was that you got it in one of these espresso cups. I wanted a big mug with milk in it. it tasted lovely anyhowIMG_7263-2IMG_7270-2 IMG_7267-2 IMG_7265-2the outdoor area is a fancy place. one can draw on the wall and dance. its just across the road from the edwards, which is also one of my favorite spots in this entire cityIMG_7278-2I was happy because I had found my jumpsuit that morning and I was wearing itIMG_7275-2 IMG_7273-2 IMG_7272-2we got stuck in the sun and everybody wore awesome sunnies IMG_7271-2IMG_7290-2the guys that worked there happened to have a few bagels over for the day, so they cooked them and threw them out on the little front table. IMG_7295-2 IMG_7294-2best day of his lifeIMG_7293-2jess and laura practiced their fight movezIMG_7305-2 IMG_7309-2 IMG_7308-2we found couple of pens that we could draw stuff with, so jess started painting IMG_7312-2 IMG_7313-2while she finished her artwork, we had shia porridge (have never tried, but they say it’s good for you and it tasted okay)IMG_7303-2 IMG_7304-2thodi. first time in years that his not wearing a hatIMG_7315-2our bagelsIMG_7325-2 IMG_7319-2heroes of the day feeding us and putting on beautiful music. actually made my dayIMG_7317-2then she revealed that she was drawing me, with a bit of pink hairIMG_7328-2 IMG_7331-2 IMG_7330-2also, in the meantime ida and chuck found two tubes, that made noise if you spinned them fast around you. they went wildIMG_7340-2 IMG_7342-2done.IMG_7346-2 IMG_7360-2 IMG_7347-2just next to the café with bryggkaffe, there is a store called ”pappa sven”, and it sells swedish stuff only! we had a lil lookIMG_7364-2 IMG_7365-2then we played elephants sort ofIMG_7380-2 IMG_7379-2and I got the feeling laura wanted to kill someone. this one looks like a fighting scene from game of thronesIMG_7385-2to top things of, we colored my hair half pink and took some photos next to jesses paintingIMG_7394-2 IMG_7393-2 IMG_7391-2 IMG_7390-2I’m scared, but I’m happy

Bonjour galleri!

Halå! Yesterday me and Ida went to an exhibition to a friend of ours at The Great Northern. we were working until 9 but we managed to get there anyhow. imagewe met Felix outside!imagethere was a lot of artists that was showing their works. some of them were really amazing. there was mainly photos, paintings, clothing design and jewelry to look at. imagein the big room there was a runway.image imagehim and ida discussed art in french for a bit. I walked awayimagethen we hanged outside with some other people while ida had a pale aleimagewe biked and danced our way back. its so good that felix lives in the same building because then there is always company.

tonight we’re attending a 21′st so me ida and stina are planning on having a bottle of something sparkly on the balcony beforehand. will try to bring the camera as well so that I can get going with some better pictures than from my Iphone.

adioz. good morning and good night

Holy eggs and silly rabbits.

wazzup. I haven’t been able to write here for a while. things have been intense and my computer disappeared in our messy roomIMG_7055-2 IMG_7056-2 IMG_7059-2anyway, things hasn’t changed too much. Bank Corner Cafe, Ida and myself are still alive. easter arrived.IMG_7061-2the other day I had the best cappuccino of my life so farIMG_7063-2people wait around in no shoes or quirky socks IMG_7068-2lachlan, me, stina and Ida had brekki there the other dayIMG_7069-2 IMG_7070-2we were all pretty tired from work and pretty much no sleep. lachlan has started a new job where he gets absolutely smashed so he usually has some stories to tell once he finishes IMG_7071-2we ordered food and planned a bit for the future now when stina is back!IMG_7073-2 IMG_7075-2then we had banana bread IMG_7078-2 IMG_7079-2and brushetta with mozzarella and feta. yumyumyumIMG_7080-2 IMG_7081-2just before lachi had to go to work again he came up with an ideaIMG_7083-2to go to the ocean baths for ice cream. we had no swimmers but it didn’t really matterIMG_7087-2 IMG_7088-2I took a cover photo if they will ever create a bandIMG_7095-2IMG_7096-2and the sun never left, even though autumn has arrived a fair while ago IMG_7099-2later on that night, me ida stina and sam were planning on having some dinner in the honor of easter and jesus comeback and boiled eggs. somehow, the dinner message spread and we ended up as eight peopleIMG_7100-2we made potato bake with butter and garlic fried asparagus, mushrooms broccoli and zucchini. we had it with rocket salad and lots of dips IMG_7103-2and ginger beer IMG_7105-2my plate. I could not stand up afterwords IMG_7110-2 IMG_7111-2sammi and his kiddo. ida brought some pens to the table so that we could go wildIMG_7112-2skålIMG_7114-2 IMG_7121-2gibbo and ollie and the lights. for some reason the view was spectacular that eveningIMG_7132-2someone dropped the egg in the beer. ida found itIMG_7151-2later, fraser came over IMG_7156-2 IMG_7168-2only to piggyback in our livingroomIMG_7203-2we were all so full and exhausted that we fell asleep on the balcony on and off. Happy easter from us and an auzzi autumn