It makes me look fears.

imagebeen lying in bed for the latest 48 hours, and I just woke up finally feeling alive again. it’s such a weird thing not to leave your room for two days and then suddenly walk out through the door. I will appreciate this day and this upcoming morning coffee and the shift I have at work so bad. thought that I would also show you my new red t-shirt that I found at the boy section at Vinnies the other day. it costed 1 dollar and it made my day


Camping photography.

It’s taken a while for me to get hold of the pictures from mountain sound, that I took with jacobs camera, and there’s only a few of themmountainsounds-2this one I took of Lachlan just when we got up in the morning. it was raining and they were about to play their first gig at a festival evermountainsounds-3Lakrisen went for a walkmountainsounds-6I really like this portrait of him mountainsounds-19-2Ida and I brought breakfast with us that we prepared and finished off with bubblegummountainsounds-20hot stuffmountainsounds-24me ida sean and jacob sat down at camp waiting for the festival to open at 12 mountainsounds-27sean was getting a cold and we were all pretty tired from the earlier night so we ended up sitting there for another hour or somountainsounds-28jacobmountainsounds-41once we got in, brennans new band were playing and people were jumping around mountainsounds-42me toomountainsounds-48after a night of pita bread, silent discos, rock music and terrible sleep, sean drove us back to real life


A portrait lens

IMG_0877I got to borrow a lens from a friend the other day for 24 hours, and unfortunately I got sick and didn’t get to use it as much as I wanted to, but I am now in love with tis Canon lens 50mm 1.2f, and I don’t even have a canon. anyway, anyone in the world with a canon and 2000 dollars to spare should invest in one. here are some pictures we managed to take IMG_0825 IMG_0843 IMG_0849 IMG_0866 IMG_0876 IMG_0887poff


It was time for a party.

halo. I got the flue this thursday, and on friday ida and I decided to have a house warming party.IMG_0892It was the worst and the best idea of the century IMG_0893it all started in our room. I cut idas hair so she looked like cleopathra and then the guests arrivedIMG_0894brennan arrived and brought some piesIMG_0895 IMG_0896then we played guitar and did a couple of dancesIMG_0899we were all sparklingIMG_0910liam and nick were in the kitchen mixing some redcup drinksIMG_0912 IMG_0913lak and bel was there IMG_0914it was so fun to finally be able to show everyone the apartment all at once IMG_0915leisha rocked up rather late and missed the first round of snapsIMG_0918but ida gave her another one IMG_0924there was even a Dj set because our host, chuck, mixes his own musicIMG_0925jake and coxi were matching on the balconyIMG_0927and some people stole my favorite chair IMG_0928my girl was on the table and she might move in here as well soon. we just need to kick out someone firstIMG_0933georgia and idaIMG_0937chuckstern was playing swinghouseIMG_0939and liam and connors got blinded IMG_0944chelsea after riding my pink bike in de apartmentIMG_0946carmzIMG_0948and us IMG_0949think liam wanted to joinIMG_0950and sean IMG_0951 IMG_0952so we took a couple more. think we all looked pretty damn goodIMG_0954joey was rockin the livingroomIMG_0956while these two had a filosofical and weird discussion about desire. I dunno why IMG_0959 IMG_0961I got a gift from nick nesbitt that was a batch saying #CLOSE TO CHUCK <3IMG_0963gibbo came all the way back from sydneyIMG_0964me and ida are going to melbourne soon to visit him. once we get the money. IMG_0966 IMG_0967 IMG_0968there was no theme at the party, but somehow everybody looked like they were from an 80s disco or somethingIMG_0970and rees had a jabby shirt. IMG_0982later on, him and li wrote a song in our roomIMG_0991georgia, jess and alice was having wine in the kitchen IMG_0992what happened later on is uncertain. sean and chels looks like twins in this oneIMG_0997we woke up around 11. there was people on the floor and the house looked like thisIMG_0998my bike had somehow ended up on the balcony and all the food was gone, except for some vanilla ice cream that ida and I had for brekkiIMG_1007sam, alice and carmen were the last ones to leave. my flue came back and I was working at 3 in the afternoon which was painful but very much worth it.

thanks to all my friends who came and made the night all rainbow and sparkly



So I’ve been trying to write some different texts these latest days. Mainly I’ve continued to write a long story that I started on just when coming to australia. the long story is a bit of a collection of short stories, and I wrote a small one this morning that I thought I could share. It is about revenge, and I find it really hard writing about it because I am still uncertain about the winning point of it. still, I wrote this one also as a text about how to transform fear into strength, and what is necessary to do in order to make the fear go away once it hits you. It’s in swedish, but you will know that when you try to read it elinDSC_1178_Fotor

Innan och efter det vände.

En torsdagseftermiddag i juni promenerar jag hem från jobbet. Det är fuktigt i luften och en regnbåge klättrar tvärs över himlavalvet där uppe. Jag tänker att jag är allsmäktig och svänger utåt med armarna samtidigt som jag lutar huvudet bakåt och visslar. Solen lyser i en slags gyllene färg på mig när någon sliter tag i min vänstra arm och drar mig bakåt. Hårt. Så hårt att en underlig känsla av flytande isbitar sprider sig i de bakre partierna av kroppen. Himlen mörknar i nyans med den svarta silhuetten som sliter ned mig på marken och rycker tag i både min mobil och min plånbok som jag förvarar i en av jackfickorna på den vitprickiga kappan jag har på mig. Jag blir rädd. Skriker att snälla gör mig inte illa och för händerna till ansiktet när jag inser att han inte bara är ute efter min plånbok eller min mobil. Den stora, svarta skuggan skymmer mig där jag ligger och himlen ser mig inte mer. Inte heller ser jag himlen, när han slår. Han slår minst fyra gånger eller fler jag minns inte. Det gör ont över kindbenen och ögonen pulserar saltvatten som rinner över såren. I min kropp rusar adrenalin som jag inte vet vad jag ska göra av. Det är bäst att ligga still tänker jag och fortsätter tala gällt till mannen som inte vet vem jag är. Eller vet han det. Han står så rakryggad där han sparkar, och han låter alltför stabil på rösten när han böjer sig framåt, och viskar att jag inte är värd ett skit. Jag tänker att jag förtjänar det här när han spottar en loska i ansiktet på mig, som blandas med tårarna och rinner ned på marken. Förlåt viskar jag, och sluter ögonlocken när han rycker tag i min ljusblå skjorta jag köpte på röda korset, och rycker upp knapparna.

Det var ögonblicket innan allt vände.

En silhuett rör sig tvärs över gatan. Bestämt, lagom snabbt. Men bestämt. Jag förstår inte att det är hon förrän den stora skuggan framför mig försvinner, och jag blottas i solljuset till ljudet av hans skrik när hon bryter av hans handleder och pressar honom mot samma grus som jag ligger på. Hon säger inget först, men tre aggressiva utrop avslöjar hennes hesa stämma där hon nu står, böjd över hans bakhuvud. Sen kommer hon fram till mig, lyfter mig upp från marken så jag står på darriga knän. Håret är klistrat mot halva ansiktet och jag hör ingenting på ett av öronen. Ändå hör jag henne när hon ber mig att komma fram. Hela vägen fram till honom där han ligger i en pöl på backen. Kroppen skälver av tanken på att han ska resa sig upp och göra det igen. Göra slut på det som finns kvar. Han reser sig inte och jag tittar förvirrat på Georgia när hon föser mig fram så att jag står över honom, med solen i ryggen. Den bränner mig och regnbågn över oss glittrar till när den sätter eld på isen som nyss rann innanför ryggraden. Han ligger i skuggan av mig, med fötterna nu snuddandes vid mina. Jag tänker att jag vill inte längre gå härifrån, och spänner knytnävarna så hårt att naglarna skär in i handflatorna. Sen säger jag högt;

Vänd dig om

Jag säger det på engelska, och på svenska. Sen säger jag det på spanska och på ett språk som jag inte förstår själv. Jag skriker det så kraftigt att orden inte längre låter som ord. Jag skriker att han ska titta på mig. När han vänder sig om och jag ser hans ansikte tvekar jag inte ens. Inte en enda sekund. Jag tar den rosalackade Dr Marten kängan och stampar en gång. Hårt. Men bestämt

Mobile pics from last week.

one week has passed since we moved into the apartmentimagewe were at a jazz place just before we moved in there imagethe jazz show was at Grand Hotel in the underground parts imageI was wearing New Balanceimage imageonce we moved in we dressed the wall in pictures and texts and play cardsimageme and sam spent the first day at the balcony, playing the gitarr and having sushi.image imageon thursday I chased polaroid pictures. found some from when we went camping a couple of months agoimageI found an old necklace that I’ve been looking for foreverimageand then we packed our bags and went to the Mountainzimagespent the day with these two imageand with these. white walkers rocked the world in the afternoonimagewe slept in tents and there was a stormimagethe week finished off with yesterday night. once we got home from the festival we slept for some hours and then we went for some staff cocktails @ the Secret bar. it’s on Hunter street super close to where we live and there is a little message on the door telling you to text a specific number and once you do a person comes out and lets you in. sneaky sneak.

we walked home and watched hunger games and then we slept the rest of the night away


dresstival_Fotorwas wearing this one for the weekend. Also found at Red Cross where I’m volunteering at the moment. It has several functions. For example you can put it up on the wall and look at it when you’re not wearing it.

Captain Cook and the times before a festival.

sean picked up me ida and jacob this friday to go to sydney and Mountain Sounds FestivalettDSC_6591_FotorettDSC_6592_Fotorwe filled big red with camping stuff and some chipsettDSC_6595_Fotorand left romeo in NewcastleettDSC_6598_Fotorme and lola was in front listening to the KinksettDSC_6603_Fotorwhile jacob took some pictures in the back ettDSC_6618_Fotorabout three hours later we arrived in sydneyettDSC_6627_Fotor ettDSC_6628_Fotorwe got ready with purple bandanas ettDSC_6633_Fotorwe found lachlan and liamettDSC_6647_FotorLak was there tooettDSC_6635_Fotorthey were getting ready for the gig they were about to play @ Captain Cook Hotel and ida and I went looking for vego burgersettDSC_6652_Fotor ettDSC_6653_Fotor ettDSC_6654_Fotorthen I ran into Coxi and he stole my glassesettDSC_6667_Fotorsome time pretty late after meeting up with some other friends, we watched the gig at Captain Cook PubettDSC_6678_Fotorit looked like thisettDSC_6682_Fotor ettDSC_6697_Fotornick had a beer on the floorettDSC_6738_Fotoronce they were done, we all sticked around and watched some other gigs before leaving for Mountain Sounds festival sometime around twelve o clockettDSC_6657_FotorI accidentally forgot the camera in seans car so I didn’t have it during the entire festival, but luckily jacob brought his so there will be some photos from the latest 24 hours coming up. anyway, the festival was amazing and filled with glitter and rainbows and weird DJs and rock’n roll people. now I’m pretty much exhausted and Ida and I have spent the day in the apartment, making food and reading blogs

Mountain Sounds and morning coffees.

mountainyasource picture.

it’s time for another festival. somewhere between sydney and newcastle there will be music in the mountains all day tomorrow. the White Walkers, which is coxi connors lachlan and limas band, are playing both in sydney tonight and at the festival tomorrow. me and ida are joining the little tour together with some other friends in a big red car filled with tents and sandwiches. the tickets to the festival and the camping are almost sold out so there will be thousands of people there which is much more than I expected. if you feel like joining and you live somewhere close to newcastle or sydney, read about the upcoming bands and buy dem tickets here.

I will make coffee and sleep some more now to collect the energy for this weekend. I got a feeling it might get intense

I met her in a club down in old SoHo where you drink champagne & it tastes just like coca cola.

fin3fin44I got new Sunnies from Red Cross Second Hand/Vintage (click to read about red cross and their work and goals)