All I care about is riddles and like 3 people.

middaIMG_9591_Fotor I went to lachlans yesterday night. he was cooking dinner for me, ida, liam and coximidda2IMG_9580_FotorlachimiddaIMG_9586_Fotorhe made vegetarian stir fried with eggplant, mushrooms, tofu and capsicum!middaIMG_9589_Fotorwhile ida and nick had Little Creatures by the kitchen bench middaIMG_9592_Fotorwhile I took the responsibility to fix the plates and the candles middaIMG_9596_Fotorwe had the food outside, for about two hours and liam brought weird dessert middaIMG_9601_Fotorlater we went insideImiddaMG_9568_Fotor and I had red wine middaIMG_9606_Fotorthen we solved some riddlesmiddaIMG_9620_Fotorand nick connors showed upmiddaIMG_9622_Fotorliam figured out one of idas match riddles, and that was about it.


The west village and a white dress.

morning. just looking through some pictures from our trip to New York last year. there was one night when we were going for burgers close to SoHo and the air was warm and I was wearing my new favorite dress. I remember that we had the finest night and that I was  wearing it every single day for the rest of that summer. ne11_Fotor ne12_Fotor ne13_Fotor ne14_Fotor ne16_Fotorfrom H&M


We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.

trö88Ida and I have bought some fabric colors and some white oversized t-shirts to do quote prints. I’ve been out on pinterest checking out some of my favorites. some of them would be hilarious as t-shirt prints I recon.tröPicMonkey Collagetrö2PicMonkey Collagetrö3PicMonkey CollagetröäpaåPicMonkey Collage



Missions of the day.


Today I will:

<3 Have a coffee at the Edwards.

<3 Buy a car.

<3 Go christmas shopping.

<3 Listen to P3 documentary.

<3 Have dinner at Lachlans.

<3 Write a chapter about sex.


I carried a watermelon.

I wanna tell u all about an amazing fiesta that we went to the other nighttjugoIMG_9410_FotorLiam, Flynn, Reese and Shaun turned 21, and there was an 80s-theme so we rocked up as Johnny and Baby from Dirty dancingtjugoIMG_9411_Fotorlachlan was theretjugoIMG_9415_Fotorin the kitchen people were whispering about AbbatjugoIMG_9417_Fotorthe house was huge and so nice I bet I spent two hours walking around exploring it peopletjugoIMG_9425_Fotorsean was colorful tjugoIMG_9426_Fotorme n jacob n Miami NightstjugoIMG_9430_Fotorprobably the only good picture showing my complete outfit. I carried a watermelon, and someone ate it later ontjugoIMG_9433_Fotorda grouptjugoIMG_9435_Fotorwe took jacobs eagle glases and went outside to the fairy lightstjugoIMG_9438_Fotorit got late and someone put on cyndi laupertjugoIMG_9440_FotorI met chelsea in a corridor tjugoIMG_9441_Fotorliam stole the cameratjugoIMG_9445_Fotorand I took it backtjugoIMG_9449_Fotorthere was an organized dance floor in the garage that was pretty awesome and Ida and I did the ”nobody puts baby in a corner – lift”tjugoIMG_9451_Fotorida and coxi got tiredtjugoIMG_9452_Fotorwhile connors were in the middle of picturing something tjugoIMG_9453_Fotorpals <3tjugoIMG_9459_Fotorwhen everybody went to bed, we made spring rolls with tea and slept on the floor.

Best of a week. 1.

So, since I randomly bump into movies, books, articles, pictures, people and life over here I have decided to do a lil ”best of a week”, that should lift the stuff that has affected me the most during 7 days. here comes a little demonstrationvirgin_Fotorvirginn_Fotor virgin2_Fotor virgin3_FotorThe virgin suicides. Cant. Let. It. Go. Seriously, I have no idea why I haven’t watched this masterpiece of film before, but I’ve rewatched it about ten times from the first time I saw it about a week ago. Anyway, it is an american movie from 1999 directed by Sofia Coppola. The movie is about five sisters that are pretty much isolated from the reality because of their strict parents. you get to follow their lives and their story from the perspective of four boys living next door to them. Apart from all the pictures showing the beauty of the 1970s, the plot line of the movie and all the hidden messages was what caught me the most. Think I’m gonna watch it again right now actually. Pictures are from Pinterestfeminismm_FotorThe Sydney Feminists. I have been searching for a community working for equality and human rights in Newcastle, but the closest one I could find was this one. In sydney there is a group of people that are working with media education, reproductive rights, violence against women and intersectionality. They are gathering volunteers to implement projects that involves all types of feministic discussions, and how to spread them. I haven’t been able to participate in any meeting just yet, but It’s about to come. These fellow awesome people throw dinners, documentary filming sessions and speeches almost every week, so I recon it would be a good thing for everybody to join them. You join them via meet or get involved via their website to an 80s maskerade dressed as Dirty Dancing Baby n Johnny. Ida and I practiced all night on how to dirty dance before we went to a 21 the day after. I recon we pulled it off. aspecially the lift in da pool BANNER1the fall/winter collection of Faggot Apparel. Check it out hereangusangusangus_FotorAngus and Julia Stones cover on ”You’re the one that I want”. I’ve had it on my head for five days now. It’s also a great song to play at the guitar I’ve realized.

thats all for now. tonight we’re going to watch the christmas lights. all the houses in newcastle are filled with blinky fairy lights so we’re gonna take the car and go around every single street during a couple of hours. I’ll bring the camera for sure

A swedish christmas party and a small ballroom.

the latest 24 hours have been exhausting, and while I’m not sitting here with a cup of coffee I’m going to tell you all about themimage imagea couple of weeks ago, we got a request from carmens mum if we wanted to cook a swedish dinner for her and her fiends. since christmas is about to come, we decided to go for a typical swedish christmas buffet. I never thought you’d have to put in so many hours of cooking before christmas as we did yesterday. we wanted it allimagewe made food such as meatballs, Janssons frestelse, smoked salmon with lemon and dill sauce, cooked potatoes, eggs with mayo and caviar n heaps of other stuff. The entré was a Toast Skagen and later we had pannacotta with elderflower marinated raspberries. I’d call it a fiestimageme, ida, sam and carmen prepared and had white wine in the kitchen just before the 10 guest arrived. sweIMG_9494_FotorIda.sweIMG_9510_FotorI got pretty nervous just before we carried everything out, since the flavors of a swedish christmas table is very different from what you usually eat here. basically everything contained dill, chives and mayo. anyway, people loved it. a specially the pink betroot salad <3sweIMG_9508_Fotorsam tried pickled herring (sill) for the first time of his lifesweIMG_9502_Fotoronly a bit ironic that we were sitting outside in 30 degrees heat, 8 a clock in the evening celebrating christmastimes. ida and I wished for snowsweIMG_9500_Fotorcarmen was a salad ladysweMG_9513_Fotorlater on we took a snaps and sang Helan Går. carmens mum played the accordionsweIMG_9530_Fotorwhen dinner was over we headed towards the small ballroom. it was wednesday nightsweIMG_9524_Fotorwe bumped into jacobswedishIMG_9527_Fotorthere were plenty of gigs sweIMG_9522_FotorflynnsweIMG_9534_Fotorwe finally got to meet nick cox’s sister that had come home for christmas two days ago. she lives in norway at the moment and I got a bit homesick speaking to hersweIMG_9526_Fotorliam and meswe'IMG_9525_Fotorit got pretty late so when they started cleaning up we decided to move on to LasssweIMG_9539_Fotor sweIMG_9538_Fotorthe rest of the night just floated away. I was mostly proud over the swedish dinner actually succeeding, which I spent my night telling everyone we bumped into about.

now, the fridge is filled up with leftovers and I am in the perfect mood for a meatball sandwich


If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.

It has been a while since I wrote here last. I guess life just kept me busy, and during the empty hours I’ve been trying to breathe and sleep. I regret that now thought and I feel more ready that ever to hit the desk. There are too many interesting things going on in the world and in my mind not to write, and since I also miss my family and friends back home I wish to share it all. The next coming weeks I wish to write about:backIMG_9299_Fotorthe everyday life as an aussie. or well, a swede trying to be onebackIMG_9360_FotorDreams. Living here is one, but once I’m here there is obviously a billion new dreams appearing. I have spent days just thinking about what to do with my time and whats relevant as a dream, or at least to make it come truebackIMG_9484_FotorI also wanna write about friends. New ones, old ones, loosing them, finding them, missing them or forgetting about them. This picture is from yesterday night when me and Ida went to the ocean for a swim with some of our new fiendsbackTravel. Like tips and stuff for the big life changing trips. Places I’ve been, wanna go to and certainly will go to. pinterest will be the key to my dreams about south east asia and other amazing places. this one is from idas and my trip to new zealand a couple of months ago back888_FotorFeminism and possible ways to deal with the damage from sexism and patriarchal controlled communities. The discussions concerning sexism and inequality in sweden are far more developed than the ones in australia. or at least more common, and therefore the subject feels extra important to bring up. I will try to link as b of my fav articles, books and projects about it as possible. (picture from Pinterest)backkk_FotorAwesome clothing and companies such as Faggot Apparelbackkk_FotorInspirational people. Tavi Gevinson is one for examplebacko_Fotorannother subject that is indeed connected to sexist communities and societies. Ideal roles, which is also quite fascinating writing about when moving to another country since it becomes very clear how big impact the specific ideal pattern actually has on people. backback I’ll try to fit some new music in there as well. some of our best friends plays in three bands called White Walkers, Lunar Villa and Suburban Sleepers, so the range of new music coming in is pretty large.backtoo_Fotorso, one of the goals with moving to Newcastle in Australia was trying to come up with a story. I have been working on some different projects, but writing a novel will probably be the hardest thing I have ever done. therefore, I will write a lot about how to find the inspiration, and how to continue even though you don’t find it. I don’t even have the answers yet, but I will try to find them backlaoap_Fotorouups almost forgot the most important thing hey. I’ll write about love. about the shit and about the beauty of it. more than anything really. I’ll write about it so much you will never wanna read about it again. and about snogging. yes, I will write about snogging too. the picture is of my two best friends in sweden. they’re in love actuallylalalabackthat was a brief lil introduction of whats about to come. Can’t promise I will keep up with all the subjects at once, but I will do my best.

Hello and Goodbye

Rehab & The Females.

after working a billion hours this past week, ida and I spontaniously decided to go to sydney. four friends of ours were there as a band to record their new album, so we went to stay with them for the night.blåeverythig was blue once we arrivedblå2ida found a couch pppIMG_7295_Fotorblå4around 5pm, we bumped into a thai festival with music, curry and chang beersblå3I was wearing idas head jewelry blå5we had some of thoseblå6and lots’n lots of phad thai!blåIMG_7359next morning we woke up at billabong gardens hostelblå8we were staying in newtown and that very saturday happened to be newtown festival day, which only happens one time per year. there were 80 000 people coming to a little park just two minutes from where we were staying.blå7I tried to teach lachlan some swedishblåIMG_7313while liam was finding weird pattern shortsblå9you could bile your own smoothie with banana and pumpkin. soo goodblå10liam and locciblå11we forced nick to put on a hatblå12which he hated but I think he looked beautifulblå13we decided to get some vegetarian foodblå15so we sat down in the grassblå99in the afternoon it got crowded and I almost passed out because of the heat blåIMG_7269the rest of the afternoon was filled with ice cream and cute small shops at surry hillsblå78I got jealous of these fellas that we met on the way home, because they spent the afternoon in the sun while ida and I had to take the 3 h train back to newcastle. end of story

Rainbow stripes & a crown.

PppIMG_7391_FotorNYheader2IMG_7383_FotorpppIMG_7398_FotorNYheaderIMG_7382_Fotor pppIMG_7396_FotorNYheaderIMG_7384_Fotorhey. sorta felt like a queen walking around in sydney in a new pink opshop jacket and in pants from Tree of Life today. the shoes are from Vagabond and the bag from Fjällräven, Kånken. I also borrowed ida’s favorite head jewelry that we found at the red cross the other day. I like it colorful.