I checked the clock at 9.16, cool air was blowing in through the sun roof and we were drunk of each other’s laughter.

when you’ve been living in a city for five months and you’re out of money, food and clothes. thats when I recon it is time for a roadtrip. so we took the car and left, going north from Newcastle. there was no plan but I had a good feeling that we would end up somewhere eventually



Surfers Paradise

Noosa Heads

Rainbow Beach

Fraser Island

Byron Bay


Red Rocks

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetwe went in our new car. or actually it is a very old car. but its our new car. his name is Romeo and he got fake flowers in the backseat redo2we left late at night and arrived in Bellingen which is a city about 2,5 hours up north from Newcastle. its a really small but lovely town surrounded by green hills and cafésredo4 redo3only 20 minutes drive from Bellingen, one can find Danger waterfalls. we did that the first morningredo7 redo6there is a little path that leads you somewhere uncertain. follow that trackredo12redoPicMonkey Collageand you will end up here. paradise for sure redo99we drove all the way to Coffs Harbour and made an urgent stop at the Big Banana to take a photo. in our pajama redo98redo837after that we made a quick stop in Woolgoolga to have some picnic lunch and watch this viewredo14we slept at my auntie outside Brisbane that night, making some Rainbow plans over vego pasta redo20on the way past Brisbane, make sure to stop in Noosa Heads and to do the big ocean walk redo19what it looks like redo17you get to walk through the woods as wellredo16we also had lunch in town and its all really nice but mostly filled with expensive shops and restaurants. redo22 redo23so we went to rainbow beach instead. there we made our first and only hostel stop on the entire trip. Frasers on Rainbow was a pub and a hostel and a kitchen all in one. we had beers and made stir friedredo27the beach was completely empty the next day when we went for a walkuruguand then we decorated romeo a bit with two spray cans. he got pretty redo32what happened later was that stina decided to book three tickets for us to Fraser island the next day, as a gift. we celebrated it all with sleeping in the carredo34redo3307.30 we were sitting on a bus, on a boat that would take us to the white sand n dingo island redo37the tour took us for morning tea at a camp, after driving among the beach for an hour or so. wo got the best bus driver that was a fraser/rainbow local. he knew everything redo36he took us to this dessert looking placeredo35IMG_1527_1024and forced us to get into this small airplane that showed us the island from above. probably the biggest adrenalin kick I’ve ever experiencedIMG_1467_1024ida is afraid of flyingredo39 redo42 redo41in the afternoon we got to swim in the clearest lake of australia. it felt a bit like a swimming pool but it wasn’t redo44as soon as we got back to rainbow that day, we took off towards Byron Bay, which was about to become our final stop. we arrived 12.45 at night. not to recommend if you haven’t pre booked any accommodation. we ended up sleeping in the car. again.redo45 redo46Byron Bay was, as expected, the best place to just hang around. I really wanted to just spend all the time I had there on sitting outside having coffees, looking for markets, or sleeping under a tree.redo50there is also a lighthouse there that’s worth a visit. you’re supposed to walk but we took romeo all the way to the top because it was almost 40 degrees outside which was intense redo53redo54 redo55saturday afternoon we went to a market in town that had a perfect combination of vintage clothing, asian food and wooden jewelry urugu2the morning we left we had the best pancakes and a wifi redo63 redo61redo60then we left for Nimbin, which is a hidden little town in the mountains. although the town was filled with tourists the spirit of the people that lived there was very strong. we stayed and had lunch before wandering around for a bit talking to some nimbi souls redo70we spent the last night at a camping spot in Red Rocks, that we didn’t really get to see much of unfortunately. there was a sunset and a river and a milky way that ended our adventure


So much internet to do.

vinIMG_8773_Fotor vinIMG_8775_FotorblåIMG_8791_Fotor blåIMG_8817_Fotor blåIMG_8852_Fotor blåIMG_8855_Fotor blåIMG_8889_Fotorhey. I went on a roadtrip and got my phone smashed by someone so I’ve been bad with the updates. anyway, until yesterday night me ida and stina have crashed at different  peoples houses waiting for our room to get ready. the days get pretty intense even though we don’t work at the moment. we’re mostly showing stina around the city, walking the beaches and having pizzas at surf house. could probably live like this forever but I realized yesterday how exhausted I am and how much I’m longing for my own place. today, I will write about our roadtrip and show you the photos that I managed to save from my phone.


During 4 seconds.

vinIMG_0482_FotorvinIMG_0483_Fotor vinIMG_0485_Fotor vinIMG_0488_Fotor vinIMG_0490_FotorI‘m about to attend a party with there fellas in a couple of hours. first though, I will listen to Bob Dylan and make mushroom pasta


Great wine requires a madman to grow the vine, a wise man to watch over it, a lucid poet to make it, and a lover to drink it.

I have become a wine professional vinIMG_0628_Fotortwo days ago we experienced a little tour in hunter valleyvinIMG_0632_Fotorto go for about five hours, including four vineyards, cheese and chocolate tasting, costed us 65 dollar per person. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who visit New South WalesvinIMG_0638_Fotorfirst we went to pick some grapes. they were just about to make the winesvinIMG_0641_Fotorconnors and stina were eating themvinIMG_0644_Fotorwe had a private bus with this awesome driver called Tex who told us everything about life n loversvinIMG_0651_Fotorthen. we had wine. about 26 different kindsvinIMG_0655_FotorI had to take the water woman responsibilityvinIMG_0656_Fotorsam emptied peoples glasses vinIMG_0670_Fotorafter having cheese and chocolate and more wine people felt like thisvinIMG_0674_Fotorwe got back in newcastle at 4pm, perfect timing for lachlan to go to work, and for us to have falafel in a park nearby. we continued the night until late at the small ballroom


Excuse the mess but we actually live here.

heyya2heya. I’m in a brilliant mode for a post now, because I just found out that we have a home from the beginning of february!! A tiny little room really, but at least it’s ours. in the centre of newcastle close to a place where I always go to write, and close to my work which is just too perfect to be true. we’ll probably end up staying there the rest of the time that we have in australia, and it will be the first place that is completely mine. after all of the couch surfing we have experienced  in the latest couple of weeks this room already feels like heaven.

and thats all for now

Old n autumn ones.

op8 op7 op6 op5 op4 op3

Second hand jeans

Dr Marten boots

Urban Outfitters bag

BikBok sweater

New York necklace


älskarhenne_FotorLook at me. Look at me. 

and tell me What are you afraid of

you know we’re all gonna die

one Time

she’s walking towards you now

and instead of looking at her

you look at her body.

can’t believe your eyes when you see

the scars.

so you close them, thinking you might see

the Stars

but I will tell you what

there will be darkness.

until the day you face

the power of her

the power of the scars

the power of her Stars

Support your local Girl gang.

morning. It’s been a while since I shared some clothing inspo so I was thinking that I might just show you my latest favorite Pinterest Photos, since I haven’t been able to take any of my own in the latest couple of weeks. obs obs warning for opshop cravings. I had a brutal one a couple of days ago because of this and have not had any money since. Find the source to all of the photos here.floryuss_Fotor floruio_Fotor flort_Fotor florpå_Fotor flor73644_Fotor flor9283_Fotor flor9203_Fotor flor67_Fotor flor19_Fotor flor18_Fotor flor16_Fotor flor15_Fotor flor13_Fotor flor10_Fotor flor8_Fotor flor7_Fotor flor6_Fotor flor4_Fotor flor3_Fotor flor2_Fotor flor_Fotorpeace out

A few moments at a farm.

here comes a few pictures from the little trip to the farm. jacob brought his camera which I got obsessed with, so there pictures are all his and also retouched by him. enjoyfarmen-76_Fotorfarmen-77_Fotorfarm-58farm-30farm-10farm-13farm-9farmen27_Fotorfarm-2farm-12farmen-14_Fotor farmen-11_Fotor farmen-52_Fotorfarm-36farm-28farm-63it was all pretty nice. we had pasta and cows etc.

Chaos is a friend of mine.

this is the iphone version. better pictures will come. trust meblö92833this was us 24 hours ago. since we no longer have a place to stay at we are in huge need of friends with houses. this time it was sam’s farm on the countryside, about one hour from newcastleblö0we went with a group of nine people. this was what it looked like  blö4we arrived about 5 o clock after shopping some dinner on the way. blö7I was having a nap on the veranda with the dog. she loved me. blö123we stayed the night and in the morning it was about 40 degrees so we went to a little lake nearby blö781we were in for an hour or soblöpåblöerthen we went back to newcastle to find a new place to stay at. luckily, lachlan called and said we could stay at hisblö09233we made a quick stop at Goldbergs to figure out some economy and to have three flat white on the way to charlestownimageat night we made vego sate with halloumi cheese lachlanPicMonkey Collageand had it with milk and fairy lightsimagewe finished the evening by taking Romeo to the break wall to show stina nobbys lighthouse and the milky way

now lets see where this homelessness (that is hopefully not evan a word) will take us next