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FASHION. This summer we love the high waisted retro inspired shorts and the bermudas that still are totally right and stylish this summer.
By Maria Mårtenson

1. Monki  2. Zara  3. Too faced 4. Riverisland 5. Lindex 6. H&M 7. Riverisland 8. Zara

1. Topshop 2. Topshop 3. Essie 4. Monki  5. Zara 6. Weekday 7. Topshop

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FASHION. Each month Gloss fashionblogger Le-Happy choose pieces she loves. Here are her fashionfavorites at the moment.

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FASHION. Here are 12 perfect summer dresses, for both everyday wear and a party look.

By Maria Mårtenson

1. H&M 2. Monki 3. H&M

1. Monki 2. Monki 3. Topshop

1. Topshop 2. Weekday 3. Zara

1. Zara 2. Zara 3. Monki

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FASHION. Here are our fashion favorites this month!

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FASHION. One of the hottest trends right now are the cut out boots! Below we have listed five must-have cut out boots!

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FASHION. Here are the most inspiring outfits from from the past week.

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FASHION. H&Ms next design collaboration is with Parisian designer Isabel Marant.

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FASHION. Get inspired by Gloss blogger Liv, in her blog you find inspiring unique and trendy outfits, shopping and much more.

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FASHION. Have you checked out our streetstyle blog? You will find many inspiring people with unique styles, new outfits is coming up on the blog every day!

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FASHION. We love the festival inspired look, get inspired by all the festival chic outfits from and see how you can style it yourself.
By Maria Mårtenson,,,,,

 1. Topshop  2. Topshop  3. Topshop 4. Topshop 5. Din sko 6. H&M 7. Topshop 8. Monki 9. Weekday 10. Monki 11. Topshop  12. Skopunkten